Yuba College Foundation

History: The Yuba College Foundation was established in 1972 to support programs, services and scholarships that would help to improve student life at the campuses and centers of the Yuba Community College District. Throughout the subsequent decades, numerous gifts and sound investing have built the corpus of foundation funds to a level approaching $7 million dollars, making the Yuba College foundation one of the larger community college foundations in the State of California.


As a registered 501 (c)(3), Yuba College Foundation, Inc., is able to assure that all gifts received by the foundation are fully tax deductible. The foundation has received direct support through gifts of cash, real estate, equities and art throughout its 35 years of operation. Additionally, planned gifts such as wills, charitable remainder trusts, and insurance policies have benefited the foundation’s programming capabilities. In-kind gifts, such as laboratory equipment, usable automobiles, and classroom supplies, if properly appraised, can also provide the donor with a tax deduction. The Foundation office can be reached at (530) 749-3868 to discuss options for giving.


The Yuba College Foundation has supported literally hundreds of projects, programs, services and scholarships throughout its thirty five years of operation. In recent years, direct support from the foundation has provided networking equipment for the Clear Lake Center, laboratory support for the Administration of Justice Program in Marysville, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct student support through scholarships or book grants. On the average, between 45-50 projects and scholarships per semester receive support through donations to the Yuba College Foundation.


Yuba College Foundation is overseen by a Board of Directors, with representatives coming from both the Yuba-Sutter and Yolo County regions.

Current Board Members

Listed below are the current officers and members of the Yuba College Foundation Board of Directors:
Cassidy, Mr. John (Sutter County)
Diaz, Mr. Angel (Sutter County)
Ginsburg, Mr. Wayne (Yolo County)
Kolb, Mr. Sean (Yolo County)
Lind, Mr. Richard (Sutter County)
Mallen, Mr. Kevin (Yuba County)
Mann, Mr. Gurdev (Yolo County)
McDaniel, Mr. Tony (Sutter County)
Mirande, Mrs. Deborah (Sutter County)
Perrin-Preus, Mrs. Tara (Yuba County)
Schmall, Mrs. Jennifer Purser (Yuba County)
Seidel, Mrs. Cindy (Sutter County)
Strachan-Severson, Mrs. Valeri (Sutter County)
Buchan, Mr. Jim (BOT Liaison - Yuba College)
Flory, Mr. Alan (BOT Liaison - Woodland CC)

Previous Members:

The Yuba College Foundation is proud of those who have served on our Board in the past.
David Anderson
Gene Bellisario
Cyndi Blickle
Deborah Brooks
David Brown
Vicki Bourn
Dr. Lynn Frink
Walter Berg
Dr. Charles Clement
Grace Clement
Robert Dorris
Theo Dumars
Margaret Eastridge
Kandice Richardson-Fowler
Dr. John K. Hickman
Paulla Hyatt-McIntire
Justin Jackson
Marlene Lamon
Dr. Robert Lansdon
Dr. Susan Lott
Don Lehman
Ed Mathews
Mehmet “Max” Noyan
Kathleen O’Connor
Lee Otterson
Fred Sankey
Fred Shaeffer
Baldev (Bob) Singh
Marilyn Strain
Jack Sullivan
Helen Whitney