Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

**NOTE: Students should check with a counselor for updates verified after Catalog publication date. The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a general education program which Community college transfer students may use to fulfill lower division general education requirements in either the CSU or UC. Because of its generic nature, and agreements between the CSU, the UC, and the community college system, completion of the IGETC to fulfill lower division general education requirements has become a common path taken by community college students who transfer to the CSU or UC. Completion of the IGETC, in itself, does not improve eligibility for admission to the CSU or UC, or admission to a specific campus or program.

The IGETC will permit a student to transfer from a community college to a campus in either the CSU or UC system without the need, after transfer, to take additional lower division, general education courses to satisfy campus General Education requirements.

Completion of the IGETC is not a requirement for transfer to a CSU or UC campus, nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower division, general education requirements of CSU or UC prior to transfer. See a counselor for segmental and campus specific admission requirements and lower division major requirements.

Some students may be better served by taking courses which fulfill the CSU General Education Breadth requirements or those of the UC campus or college to which they plan to transfer. Students pursuing majors that require extensive lower division major preparation may not find the IGETC option to be advantageous. The IGETC is most useful for students who want to keep their options open before making a final decision about transferring to a particular CSU or UC campus.

All course work applicable to the IGETC must be completed and certified by the last California community college attended prior to transfer in order to be accepted by CSU and UC.

In addition to the course requirements for each subject area, full certification for the CSU must include completion of the Oral Communication requirement. For the UC, Oral Communication is not required, but the certification must include satisfaction of the foreign language proficiency requirement. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.