High School Students

A high school student who has completed the EIGHTH grade may be admitted on a part-time basis subject to the following requirements with the written recommendation of the high school administrator and the parent’s permission: no Physical Education courses may be taken; students must have met any course prerequisite requirements; students are required to fulfill the minimum day requirement at their high school, or, for charter/home-schooled students, the parent has to verify that the proposed college course work will not interfere with the student’s basic high school course work; charter or home-schooled students must present a grade equivalency certification documenting the grade level the student has achieved; charter or home-schooled students must present a copy of the affidavit submitted to the State or County Office of Education to document the student’s involvement in an educational process; concurrently enrolled students receive the lowest registration priority.

Students must be certified to be eligible for advanced scholastic or vocational coursework. Contact the high school administrator for information concerning authorization to enroll. Students are subject to all rules, regulations, and fees for the College. The enrollment fee will be waived for eligible students, but the Student Services fee (and nonresident tuition if applicable) will be charged.