Attendance Log

Attention CalWORKs Students: Due to new regulations in the TANF/CalWORKs Program, attendance monitoring may be required on a daily basis by your worker. In order to prepare for this the Yuba Community CalWORKs District Program is asking all CalWORKs students to check-in and out each time you come to school.

Please CHECK IN when you arrive on campus and CHECK OUT when you leave.

Reports will be sent to your worker upon their request. Contact your CalWORKs Counselor if you have any questions.

Georgie O’Keefe-Schwering-Yuba College CalWORKs (530) 634-7734
Elizabeth Lara-Medrano - Woodland CalWORKs (530)668-3681
Liz Weiss- Lake Campus CalWORKs (707) 995-4176

Check in

Check Out