Transfer to UC


Thinking about transferring to UC Riverside?

UC Riverside will be hosting a one-day event with workshops for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This event, called “Preparing for Success in STEM,” will consist of workshops on transfer admission, scholarship and research opportunities, math study skills, preparation for graduate school, STEM careers, and a student panel. It is entirely free-- parking is free and a continental breakfast and lunch are provided as well. They also have a nice giveaway for students in attendance!

Date: Wednesday, August 10th, from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Transfer Information to the UC System (UC Pathways)

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • 60 UC transferable units
  • 2.4 GPA in all transferable units
  • Complete appropriate General Education (IGETC) and Major Preparation requirements (see counselor for details).

Don't know which major preparation classes to take? Check this website:

ASSIST - For transfer information from YCCD to UCs

When to apply?

  • Fall Quarter or Fall Semester: November 1 - November 30
  • Winter Quarter: June 1 -30
  • Spring Quarter or Spring Semester: August 1 - 31
  • Summer Quarter: February 1 - 28

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